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MARKET TRAINING Marketing training should be part of how you manage the employees from the beginning, starting with a well-planned introduction program for new employees. Practical training may be an important part of building skills, especially in areas such as sales. Options may include role-playing exercises, accompanying staff on sales calls and debriefing employees thoroughly after successful activities or not. If you lack the skills or resources in your company, you may want to bring a sales coach or marketing consultant to help develop marketing and sales skills.

Other training options to include selling and marketing a wide range of workshops, seminars and online training. Marketers may need a planned training and development program as part of the ongoing requirements of professional development (CPD) of a formal qualification of marketing. As with any form of training, you should look for reputable suppliers offering training courses with results obtained record. Look for recommendations from business contacts and trainers with appropriate qualifications and marketing of accreditation. With competition increasing daily, and the increasing pressures that characterize a difficult economic climate, you required proven marketing techniques that can be use to generate demand for your existing

products and services. You also required an effective product development process to create new and exclusive offerings. And, you need a marketing communication strategy that will comprehend your markets and open up profitable opportunities. For marketing techniques that can work in both good times and bad, attend Advent marketing training program. Our marketing trainings conducted by marketing experts will help you optimize your marketing communication strategy and product development process, not only to compete, but win!

We at ADVENT believe in realising your Real Dream to become a real technical graduate ( Computer Engineer / Electronics Engineer ) in the field of your choice i.e. CS / IT & Electronics and have designed a 100% Job Oriented Placement Backed JOB ORIENTED TRAINING PROGRAM.



  • Fully Industry Oriented Course Structure.
  • 100 % Online and Offline Support.
  • Real Time Case Studies and Real Working Environment to learn.
  • 1: 1 Attention to every Candidate.
  • Fully Placement Backed.

Education is the not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think"

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